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Goals and Objectives

    It is non-governmental, and not public, organizations and alliances that carry out a special mission in the age of global transformations of social and economic relations.

    The world system of chambers of commerce and industry plays a special role in facilitating successful activities of businessmen in new conditions.

    To boost trade and economic relations with Balkan businessmen, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (hereafter - CCI) has made a decision to set up the Representative Office of the Ukrainian CCI in Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Slovenia.

    The objective is to step up cooperation between Ukrainian and Balkan businessmen, introduce new marketing strategies and provide for competitive advantages. The most important factor is the minimization and risk management due to the knowledge of the market and cultural characteristics of each country.

    The solutions we come up with are not universal. Standard packages of services which the Representative Office offers may be adjusted depending on individual characteristics of companies.

    Professional business and political experts who provide comprehensive support for companies will be engaged in the functioning of the Representative Office.

The representative office of the Ukrainian CCI in the Balkans is tasked with:
Stepping up contacts between Balkan and Ukrainian, as well as CIS, businessmen to the maximum
Promoting information on mutual export opportunities of businessmen of Ukraine, Bulgaria and other Balkan states
Fostering cooperation and joint production
Launching and securing investment projects
We know how to implement a new business philosophy in modern conditions!
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